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DIY Adult Seminars and Buchheit Buddy Youth Workshops

Our free adult seminars and youth workshops are a great way to make to-do's fun and informative, and encourage learning and confidence in your kids!

Buchheit Buddy Youth Workshops

Buchheit Buddy

Our free Buchheit Buddy youth workshops are a great way to encourage confidence and learning with your kids. Children ages 5 - 12 will have fun with hands-on learning experiences.

Father and daughter with bow and arrow

On Target

Our Buchheit Archery Experts are giving a Free Introductory Archery Shooting Lesson.


Saturday, August 12
9am - 11am

Participating Locations

Centralia, Greenville, Herculaneum, House Springs, Jackson, Jacksonville, Perryville, Sparta

DIY Seminars

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Our free DIY seminars make tackling to-do’s fun and informative. Our seminars offer you hands-on learning from our in-house experts. Build your confidence and prepare to nail your next project!

Whether you have a lingering project that you don't know how to tackle, or you or your kids just want to learn new things, our Buchheit Buddy youth workshops and DIY adult seminars are fun, educational, and are sure to help you accomplish new things.